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Papiro erotico-satirico
Papeles de champollion
de aetatibus mundi imagines


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Guaranteed copies, identical replicas to the original manuscript


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We are an independent publisher focused on the client, both on the punctual customer and on the most demanding bibliophile. We recover our historical legacy with a retrospective look at our own existence, the conquest of thought and the evolution of our society.
Within the editorial world and the social life that surrounds us, this is the essence and the philosophy, divided into small phrases, which marks our daily work:
    •    The "love for the books" as the engine of all our actions
    •    Reproduce perfect replicas of inaccessible bibliographic treasures
    •    Search for innovative and distinct titles to the delight of our readers
    •    Expand the brand BiblioGemma
   •  Achieve a unique and exceptional editorial fund of masterpieces for the dissemination of cultural heritage
    •    To be a benchmark of excellence in all areas

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