Erotical-Satiric Papyrus

The only "Kama Sutra" of ancient Egypt


In all the history of ancient Egypt known until today there is no other papyrus like this. The singularity is not only the erotic drawings that make it unique, it contains two different themes in a sole papyrus: drawings of animals and erotic drawings divided by a vertical line. In addition, the fact of being able to complete it with an unknown tracing paper that was made when the original arrived to Europe, is something that will can hardly be repeated.


The facsimile edition of Erotic-satirical papyrus is the union of two originals: the very fragmented remains of the Erotic-satirical papyrus of Turin, with signature N. Inv. C. 2031 (55001 CGT), and Tracing of Egyptian paints of the National Library of Spain, Ref. Dib.18 / 1/6484, in Madrid.


The Erotic-satirical papyrus is about 3.200 years old (dated between 1186 and 1070 BC.), measures 259 cm long and the drawing has an average height of 21 cm. A border of four parallel lines runs through the papyrus. The satirical part is about one third and consists on the drawing of figures of animals in human attitudes (in the far right). The rest is occupied by erotic figures: twelve explicit scenes of sexual postures. It was found in Deir el-Medina, near the ancient settlement of Thebes.


The Tracing of Egyptian paints belongs to the collection of Luis de Usoz (1805-1865) of the National Library of Spain. It consist in five sheets of vegetable paper stored in a metallic cylindrical case, a vegetable paper with the copy of the erotic drawings of the papyrus, catalogued as Tracing of Egyptian paints. It was kept there for a century: until the appearance of our edition both works had not been related.


The edition consists of two books: the facsimile of the Erotic-Satirical Papyrus and the book with a prologue by Lise Manniche and the studies of Marina Escolano Poveda, Georgina Burgos, José Miguel Parra Ortiz, Pedro Bádenas de la Peña. It is a unique edition of 995 copies for the whole world.
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