BiblioGemma is dedicated to the reproduction of manuscripts in facsimile edition elaborated with the highest quality of manufacture and binding. All our production is carried out entirely in Spain.
The booksellers are already mentioned in the late 5th century BC. From the information that has come to us, it follows that the office of bookseller was fully developed in Classical Rome, and that it was not very well recognized at this time. By vocation and love for the books, we are book sellers even at the expense of this reputation.
In the same Rome one could find luxurious copies, generously decorated, of the classic authors. And also begins the edition in parchment in the form of codex, as we know the book today. Instead of papyrus in roll form.
THE Aristotle´s corner
BiblioGemma wants to give a small homage to one of the most illustrious and wise men of all time, besides being a great lover of books: Aristotle. If you register as an user, you wil can access to the Aristotle Corner, where you will find exclusive information about our works, discounts and guaranteed second-hand facsímiles.
Why Aristotle? Because historians say that he was the first great bibliophile of humanity. He  assembled an extensive personal library and he was the first to organize it. So important was this work that we keep one Strabo´s reference about the  love for Aristotle's books: "He was the first to assemble a collection of books and to teach the kings of Egypt, the Ptolemies, to organize a library" . We will clarify this apparent anachronism. Although Aristotle dies in 322 BCE, and the Ptolemaic dynasty does not appear until 305 BC., there is however a link, Demetrius of Phallic, disciple of Aristotle and close friend of the first monarch Ptolemy. Demetrio could have suggested the same organization of the Library of Aristotle for the Library of Alexandria. Just one piece of information: the Alexandria library housed no less than 490,000 scrolls of papyrus.
As Marcial said: "You, who wish to take my poems wherever you go, as companions of a long journey, buys those that in small pages oppresses the parchment ... I fit in one hand." Two thousand years later it is still in force.
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