Our lecterns are unique and exclusives pieces in wich we have taken care of the smallest detail of design and materials, Reason why they become the perfect complement to exhibit your facsimiles.
They are handcrafted in solid pine wood and have two articulated arms that are inner lined with velvet that allow to hold the open pages without forcing or mistreating the book, according to a unique design of BiblioGemma. The angle of inclination has been created to facilitate the best reading and vision of the work exposed.
We have four different models, suitable for any book size, but we also manufacture tailor-made according to your needs.
atril gigante bibliogemma
Dimensiones: 60x22x30 cm.
Especial para piezas de gran formato y difícil exposición por su peso y tamaño
atril mediano bibliogemma
Dimensiones: 40x20x27 cm.
atril plegable bibliogemma
Dimensiones plegado: 40x20x9 cm.
atril de pie bibliogemma
Dimensiones:130x37x55 cm.
Su diseño permite la exposición de todo tipo de libros, sin importar su peso.
Dispone de una amplia superficie de apoyo.
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