Notebook of Champollion

The roles of an obsession


Notebook of Champollion’s original is in the National Library of France, with reference NAF 20374.


It is the first one of Champollion's notepad where he collected the hieroglyphic inscriptions of tombs, mummies and steles. It consists of 84 pages, the first five written and drawn in ink and colour, and the rest in pencil on one side. The notebook measures 22 x 17cms and its binding consists of a parchment paper spine and painted paper covers.


The Notebook of Champollion is a premiere because nothing of his manuscripts has ever been edited. Few experiences are as rewarding as admiring the work of a genius. He handles the pen and pencil with an admirable stroke, draws with mastery. Jean François de Champollion in his short existence opened to contemporary civilization a world until then unknown and mysterious: ancient Egypt. Champollion belongs, therefore, to the select world of wonderful minds that have been able to lead a great step in the history of human knowledge.


Champollion allows us, with the decipherment of the writing of ancient Egypt, to revive the time of the pharaohs through the papyrus and writings found, to return to the beginning of civilization, to return to their lives, to their histories and their feats in life earthly from his stay in the afterlife.


The pages of the notebook show the basic tools of work of a genius that was able to discover the key of a writing forgotten for centuries, who with the fruit of his work and his effort gave voice to a culture and civilization until then dumb and silent.
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